We are open!

We are operating with a locked door policy at present.  You must have an appointment before you can access the practice.  This includes any repairs or adjustments/collecting of contact lenses. 

All staff are wearing full PPE (supplied by the NHS and meets necessary regulations).  We now have glass and plastic screens in practice.  The practice is cleaned between every appointment.  This includes seating, surfaces, equipment and door handles.  Anything that has been touched by the person in practice before you, will have been cleaned with anti-viral products.

All frames are fully sterilised after they have been touched/tried on, before they are returned to the shelf.  

If you are shielding and are worried about attending, we can offer you the first appointment in the morning at 9am and due to the locked door policy, you can be rest assured that you will only come into contact with members of our team, who will be wearing PPE.

Due to the increase in volume of telephone calls to the practice, you may find your call goes unanswered.  If this is the case, please leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Our team are working tirelessly to ensure that our practice is clean and as sterile as it can possible be.  We do not feel that we could be doing any more - however, we welcome any suggestions you may have to improve any aspect of our practice.

We look forward to seeing you soon and hope that you feel rest assured we are doing our best to keep you safe.